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Royal College of Art Society was established in 1982 amalgamating with OSARCA (1912) for the benefit of graduates and associates of the Royal College of Art. The RCA Society Management Committee is elected annually by the membership. The RCA Society Associates website contains a search database facility which provides information about its members to the professional world of art and design. The web site contains news which reports on the activities of the RCA Society.

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  • A new commission - David Hockney
  • Terence Conran - Design Museum
  • Richard Tuttle - WhiteChapel, Tate Modern
  • Kinetik Art 2014
  • Dungeness Haze
  • RCA against the cuts
  • RCA fashion show 2011
  • Kinetica at P3
  • Turner and the Masters
  • RCA Fashion Show 2010